written by
Jaemin Frazer

The sweet spot for lasting change.

Overcoming insecurity 1 min read

Lasting personal change is harder than most people imagine. Here are the 3 conditions that create a beautiful sweet spot for deep and lasting transformation.

1. To have an entrepreneurial mindset (as opposed to an employee mindset)

2. To be Aware that they are internally limited/block/stuck (as opposed to feeling like their problems are all external) 

3. T0 have have a high level of readiness for change (Pain, desire, openness and willingness to be wrong about some stuff)

If you notice these themes present in your life already, you are primed for rapid and enduring change given the right tools, frameworks and processes.

If these 3 things are not present in your current experience, the great news is that each of them can be cultivated.

Either way there is always hope for change.

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