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Shiny object syndrome SOS - Five keys to solve this thinking problem

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Do you struggle with be SOS - shiny object syndrome?

Are you easily distracted by shiny new ideas? Are you constantly starting new things without ever finishing the things you were already working on?

If you want to understand how this syndrome operates, observe a child constantly going from one toy to the next. They lose interest the moment they see something else to play with. Many entrepreneurs are exactly the same in the way the run their businesses.

For business owners, this may show up as constantly chasing the latest marketing idea, buying the latest business book but never reading or applying them, regularly changing goals or targeting different niches.

Thankfully, the Shiny object syndrome is not actually a medical condition. It’s simply a problem with how you think.

If this is you, here are five simple ideas to help you solve this thinking problem.

1.   Begin with the end in mind. I know of no greater course correction tool than this wisdom from Steven Covey. When you start each day with your eye on the prize, it is easy to weed out distractions

2.   Keep a list of all the things you are working on somewhere you can see it every day. It is easy to deceive yourself about how many new projects you’re starting, and SOS thrives in the dark.

3.   Celebrate finishing projects not starting. Set enticing rewards ahead of time to link great pleasure with seeing things through to completion.

4. Explore what you are afraid of. Procrastination, distraction, and wheel spinning are often evidence of deeper fears. What is dangerous about sticking to one thing? What fears would actually finishing something expose you to? (Hint…Only finished projects can be judged as a failure or success.)

5. Deal with your insecurity. Once you’ve uncovered the deep fear, you now have the opportunity to solve this problem for good. To understand exactly how to do this work, check out the 7 essential practices for solving insecurity or follow The Insecurity Project podcast.

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