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Jaemin Frazer

TEDx. In order to solve the purpose problem, you have to solve the insecurity problem first.

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"The two most important days of your life are the day you’re are born and the day you find out why" – Mark twain. 

Finding your life’s purpose is perhaps the most meaningful journey you will ever undertake. 

To solve the purpose problem, start with what the answer is not...

Your purpose is NOT to try to inspire others. 

While lot’s of social media influences orient their whole message around drawing attention to their achievements, and triumphs over adversity with the stated intention of inspiring others to do the same, no one is actually inspired to anything great by someone telling them to be great.

The people who inspire me most have not once told me that’s what they were trying to do. 

Your purpose is not to prove other people wrong.

People do all kinds of remarkable things purely motived by the haters, naysayers and doubters who’ve all told them they can’t or won’t. Yet when the seemingly impossible achievement is reached, they are often no more fulfilled than when they began. 

Surely true purpose has to be bigger and more beautiful than that. 


It is the universal fear of not being good enough that drives people to fill their cup externally. They seek validation from the world based on the size and strength of what they can do. They use what looks like purpose to prove their worth and value. To prove they can make a contribution, to prove they can inspire others, to prove they can change the world. 

It CANNOT be your purpose to prove that you matter. 

Your work is to discover your inherent worth separate from what you do or have or what anyone else thinks of you – then you are free to really connect with purpose. 

You now go into the world with your cup full. 

You now have something to give. 

You are now free to make a contribution out of the essence of who you are and connect with a purpose that is bigger than you and not about you. 

The people who make the most significant contributions to the world do so from a place of wholeness. 

If you want to connect with the purpose for your life, you’ll need to solve the insecurity problem first...

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