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Jaemin Frazer

Money and Insecurity

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Have you ever wondered why gaining financial freedom is never quite as simple as it seems?

It turns out it is much more than getting the mechanics right, there is also a whole bunch of growth required on the level of your beliefs, fears and identity before you have the capacity to handle more money.

A person’s relationship with money is one of the clearest indicators of their relationship with themselves. So, to improve your relationship with money therefore also requires you to deal with your insecurity as you improve your relationship with yourself.

Join me as I chat with money expert and Co author of “Make money simple again” Bryce foldaway as we explore the connection between money and insecurity.

Bryce Holdaway is the Co-Host of the property couch podcast, Co-Host of ABC’s Escape from the city, and Co-Host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location.

You can also listen to this interview on the Insecurity project Podcast.

Find out more about Bryce here:  http://bryceholdaway.com

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